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The history of Nishino Kinryo

Year Japanese era The history of Nishino Kinryo Corp.
1658 Manji 1 The first Kaemon started handling Awa Indigo (dye). Further on it was passed on to successive generations of Kaemon. (Chemicals)
1768 Meiwa 5 Opened the Edo Store (currently the Tokyo Branch) in Koami-cho.  (Chemicals)
1779 An’ei 8 The 7th generation Kaemon started a sake brewing business at Awa Shibo. (Alcohol)
1789 Kansei 1 The 8th generation Kaemon also started sake brewing at Sanuki Kotohira (Kinryo).
Ever since, Kinryo has been the sacred sake of the Kotohira Shrine. (Alcohol)
1918 Taisho 7 On September 25, 1918, the 15th generation Kaemon reorganized the business as the Kinryo Nishino Store Co., Ltd. (Alcohol)
1919 Taisho 8 Rebuild bottling plant in 1919. Both in name and reality, it was recognized as a state of the art, with large capacity and with the latest equipment at the time. The locations of the main and branch stores of the Kinryo Nishino Store at this time were Main store: Kotohira, Branches: Fukuoka, Kure, Takamatsu and Mitoyo, Plants: Kotohira and Akashi. (Alcohol)
1921 Taisho 10 Opened Osaka Branch  (Chemicals)
1934 Showa 9 Kinryo Sake: Production 10,000 koku, Sales routes: Started with Shikoku and also spreading to Tokyo, Osaka, Kure ,and Dalian. (Alcohol)
1948 Showa 23 Nishino Store Limited Company (the current Chemical Products Sales Department) and Kinryo Nishino Store Co., Ltd. merged and became “Nishino Store Co., Ltd.”
1952 Showa 27 Opened Nagoya Branch (Chemicals)
1961 Showa 36 The Takamatsu Head Office building was completed in Kamei Cho, Takamatsu City (at the Gobancho Kosaten), as a central base for sales. (Alcohol)
1962 Showa 37 Osaka Head office building was completed. (Chemicals)
1963 Showa 38 Opened Matsuyama Branch (Alcohol)
1965 Showa 40 Opened Hokuriku Office
1969 Showa 44 The Tadotsu plant was completed, with a concentration of the best of the latest equipment.
Site area: 27,607 m2, building floor area: 6,696 m2 (Alcohol)
1971 Showa 46

Opened Naruto Branch (Alcohol)

1972 Showa 47 Opened Okayama Branch (Alcohol)
1978 Showa 53

High-speed bottling equipment and 500 koku(90,195 L) blending tank were completed. (Alcohol)

1980 Showa 55 Office at Tadotsu plant was completed. (Alcohol)
1982 Showa 57 Changed Company name from Nishino Store Co., Ltd. to Nishino Kinryo Corp.
1987 Showa 62 Tokyo Branch building was completed.  (Chemicals)
1988 Showa 63 Opened Kinryo-no-Sato Sake Museum (Alcohol)
1997 Heisei 9 Opened Shanghai Office (Chemicals)
Established Shanghai Nishino Trading Company Limited (Chemicals)
Acquired 100% shares of Kagawa Alcoholic Beverages Sales Co., Ltd. and the rights of management in January  (Alcohol)
1998 Heisei 10 Acquired 100% shares and management rights of Tachibana Store Co. Ltd. (Alcohol)
2001 Heisei 13 Opened central delivery center (Alcohol)
2003 Heisei 15 Established a new company, Maruoka Co., Ltd. and started operations in October (Alcohol)
2004 Heisei 16 Acquired 100% shares and management rights of Hasui Sake Store Co. Ltd.  (Alcohol)
2006 Heisei 18 Opened Sumoto Branch, started operations in February.  (Alcohol)
2008 Heisei 20

Established NISHINO KINRYO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (Chemicals)

    Reached 350 years since foundation.
2011 Heisei 23 Established PT. NISHINO KINRYO INDONESIA (Chemicals)

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