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Industrial Chemicals Department

Quick response to globalization

The Industrial Chemicals Department offers materials for a wide range of fields such as raw materials for writing instrument ink, paints and printing inks including for chemical industry and food field.
In addition, our sales activities are focused on environmentally-friendly materials, highly safe products and also functional materials used in leading fields.
We will quickly respond to the globalization and diversification of customer needs and continue to introduce optimum materials from both Japan and overseas.

Handling Items

Dyes, pigments, functional dyes, dye/pigment intermediates
UV monomers, oligomers, photopolymerization initiators, water soluble resins, aqueous emulsions
Pigment dispersants, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals
Resin additivesWater treatment chemicalsVarious solvents
Finished building materials such as decorative laminates
Metal products such as laminated steel platesFood additives and detergents and disinfectants for manufacturing equipment

Osaka Branch Industrial Chemicals Department Tel.+81-6-6262-2442
Tokyo Branch Industrial Chemicals Department Tel.+81-3--3552-3451
Nagoya Branch Chemical Department Tel.+81-52-561-5531

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