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Dyes Department

Making use of our knowledge we have cultivated over the years, dyes are what make our lives rich with color.

Our company has one of the greatest careers in Japan’s dyes field. It began handling Awa Indigo in the Edo and Meiji era. We were already importing synthetic dyes from Germany.
Based on our careers and technology cultivated over many years, we provide better products and knowhow.
We handle dyes and pigments that cover a wide range of fields mainly on textile applications, papermaking, synthetic, food and timber also all related products such as processing resins for textiles, specialist finishing agents, dyeing auxiliaries and pretreatment agents.

Handling Items

Direct dyesAcid dyesDisperse dyesVat dyes
Fluorescent dyesBasic dyesFood colorings
Chemicals for dyeingVarious finishing agentsChemicals in general

Osaka Branch Dye Department Tel.+81-6-6262-2441
Tokyo Branch Dye Department Tel.81-3-3552-3441
Nagoya Branch Dye Department Tel.+81-52-561-5531
Hokuriku Sales Office Dye Department Tel.+81-776-24-0967

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